The Juhi Center
A Practice & Oasis for the Mind, Body & Spirit.

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The Juhi Center

Personalized holistic healing for the mind, body and spirit is the heart of the Juhi Center. We accomplish this through a complement of the most effective integrative treatments from around the world. The team consists of top practitioners in: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Therapeutic Massage, Meditation, as well as In house Internal Medicine. 

At the Juhi Center, we focus on the individual with a personalized treatment protocol that includes diagnosis, therapy, education and empowerment, creating a virtuous cycle of healing. Patients have the option to meet with each practitioner to develop a cohesive treatment program or choose treatments a la carte. And we provide this in one location for a full spectrum of integrative healing.

Our four main pillars of treatment are as follows:


Stems from the belief that imbalance is the root of disease. Hair-fine needles are inserted into specific pathways to correct underlying imbalances in the flow of energy or Qi, to promote rapid healing. Acupuncture is effective in treating numerous conditions such as acute and chronic pain, allergies, depression, insomnia and stress.


Nutritional guidelines are prescribed for each individual based on their constitutional imbalances of the three elements described by Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Post assessment, a highly specific dietary model is implemented to restore health and wellbeing through food that is specifically customized for the individual. Ayurvedic nutrition does not employ a one-size-fits-all approach.


Founded in the late 1700’s, Homeopathy is the belief that the substances that cause disease in healthy people can cure the disease/symptoms in sick people. The center will prepare custom homeopathic formulations based on individual diagnoses and ailments. 

Facial rejuvenation

In Chinese medicine, the face is considered the roadmap and guide of what is happening within the body. The most effective way to achieve external beauty is to address the internal imbalances. Facial Rejuvenation is a full-body acupuncture treatment that heals from the inside out. 


We combine technology with tradition to deliver a new model of healthcare that every individual deserves - personalized, integrated and accessible.

THE juhi center | a new model of healthcare



China was one of the first countries to create a medical system, which has been in existence for over 5,000 years. The body is understood to be composed of multiple meridians channeling energy throughout the organs and bodily functions, and that illness results from an imbalance between internal and/or external factors.

Balance is maintained by the yin and the yang, opposite forces that interact in harmony to keep an individual healthy, and therapies used to balance the body include acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy and massage. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on working with an individual’s constitution, rather than against it, to gently guide the body to a place of balance.   

Originating in China, acupuncture is a key healing method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practitioners inserted thin needles beneath the skin at recognized acupuncture points, which corresponded to energy channels or meridians. This ancient therapy restored the flow or energy to promote balance and healing. Acupuncture was also used as form of anesthesia to prevent pain during surgery.   

Today in Western medicine’s use of acupuncture, it functions as a variation of Chinese acupuncture, where practitioners insert hair-thin needles into the skin to trick the brain into healing by triggering the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. In Western medicine, acupuncture is considered a form of integrative medicine and is primarily used to treat pain and nausea.


Juhi's model of Whole Health is focused on Diagnosis, Personalization, Empowerment and Detoxification.




Ayurveda, also known as Ayurvedic medicine is a Hindu system of traditional medicine native to India. This alternative form of healing is based upon three constitutions: Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth). The earliest literature on Indian medical practices first appeared during the Vedic period in India during the mid-second millennium BCE. The foundational works of Ayurveda were compiled from the Susruta Samhita and the Charaka Samhita encyclopedias of medicine, compiled from various sources during the mid-first millennium BCE to about 500 CE. Over the following centuries, Ayurvedic practitioners developed a number of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures for the treatment of various ailments. Current practices derived from Ayurvedic medicine are regarded as part of complementary and alternative medicine. Meditation, yoga and the alkaline diet stem from this 7,000 year old science.



Juhi Singh, LAc. is an Oriental Medicine Specialist, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, and has been featured on CNN, ABC, Forbes, and at the Emmys, Oscars and Cannes Film Festival in recognition of her work as a health and wellness expert. Rapidly emerging as a new face of holistic living, Juhi is a thought leader in the field of acupuncture, pioneering her Facial Rejuvenation Program and the Acu-Facelift, a nonsurgical natural alternative method for facelifts, as well as Therapeutic Yoga, utilizing acupuncture and acupressure to promote healing. Juhi’s clients range from professional athletes to Fortune 500 corporations, who rely on her skilled expertise to keep their health and performance running at optimal levels. Juhi has a B.A. in Psychology concentrating in Biology and an M.A. from the Pacific College of Chinese Medicine.