Most recently Juhi works with top physicians treating high performance athletes from MLB, NFL and NBA. She has also devised a program of Therapeutic Yoga whereby acupuncture and acupressure points and meridians are correlated with specific yoga poses to promote relief and healing. She has applied such techniques during her extensive travels across the developing world, where she trains native medical practitioners from MDs to medicine men on low cost, high impact natural medicine.

Juhi Singh, L.Ac. is an Oriental Medicine Specialist, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, and has been featured on CNN, ABC, Forbes, and at the Emmys, Oscars and Cannes Film Festival in recognition of her work as a health and wellness expert. Rapidly emerging as a new face of holistic living, Juhi is a thought leader in the field of acupuncture, pioneering her Facial Rejuvenation Program and the Acu-Facelift, a nonsurgical natural alternative method for facelifts, as well as Therapeutic Yoga, utilizing acupuncture and acupressure to promote healing. Juhi’s clients range from professional athletes to Fortune 500 corporations, who rely on her skilled expertise to keep their health and performance running at optimal levels. Juhi has a B.A. in Psychology concentrating in Biology and an M.A. from the Pacific College of Chinese Medicine.



Victoria Squazzo, CRP, HPA, has been a practicing Reiki healer (for both people and pets) since early 2015 after completing her practitioner certification in Usui Method Reiki from her Reiki Master and mentor, Kari Buzewski, RMT.  Victoria firmly believes in the life-changing benefits of energy work (which align the energetic body and promote emotional physical healing) and incorporates gem and flower essences, stones and crystals, white sage, and pendulum-measuring in each session. Victoria added Ayurveda to her holistic practice after receiving her practitioner certification in fall of 2016 from the renowned Dr. Naina Marballi, BSAM, of Ayurveda’s World.  This practice had been a part of her self-care routine since early 2013, as Victoria recognized the numerous health benefits of uncovering one’s individual constitution and balancing that unique code in harmony with nature and its seasons. For more information on Reiki and Ayurveda and their numerous benefits, please visit her website:  www.chakrachanteuse.com



Melissa is a licensed massage therapist and entrepreneur. She is well-known in the wellness industry, through the use of her 'magic hands' across some of New York's most elite. With more than 10 years of experience, Melissa specializes in healing athletic and local injuries, not limited to hamstrings, back pain, neck pain, carpel tunnel, plantar fasciitis.  Her reputation has garnered an exclusive, referral-only business of A-list clientele.

A New Yorker and life-long Giants fan, her primary clientele is composed of professional athletes in the NFL & NBA, including the NY Giants, Jets, Knicks & Nets, in addition to celebrities, financiers and socialites. Melissa is the proprietor of Amalgam Therapy, a massage technique which combines eastern & western modalities, with a combination of movement, at any pressure.

For undergraduate education, Melissa attended Boston University and graduated from Hunter College. She went on to achieve an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy. 


Dr. Siddiqi has a medical degree from the prestigious Aga Khan University and completed her residency training in Internal Medicine from Morristown Memorial Hospital (UMDNJ affiliate), NJ.  She trained further to complete a fellowship in Geriatric Medicine at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, NYC.  Dr. Siddiqi is passionate about providing the highest quality care to her patients at every stage of life.  She has extensive experience in providing quality care at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and patients' homes.

In caring for her patients, Dr. Siddiqi emphasizes wellness and advocates disease prevention. An important focus for her is the need for preventive healthcare, lifestyle and behavior modification and weight management. She offers a comprehensive and individualized approach encompassing nutrition, physical activity, behavior therapy and medication to help patients lose weight and achieve better overall health.



Arie is a passionate and experienced holistic homeopathic practitioner. Growing up in a family that valued and practiced integrative medicine for decades, Ariel began his homeopathic training at the Resonance School of Homeopathy in 2013, while simulaneously pursuing his bachelor's in Psychology at Touro College's Lander College for Men.

After finishing college, he later continued his studies and training at the prestigious Academy of Homeopathy NYC | World. Not only did Ariel graduate with top honors, but he was also among the first homeopathy students in US history to graduate from a full-time homeopathic program.

Along with growing his homeopathic practice, Ariel is also a BEMER Mat distributor and soon-to-be-practitoner. He also runs a natural health  website (naturalholistichomeopathic.com) where he offers his online international visitors natural, holistic and homeopathic health tips, advice, and consultations. 



Madeline is attentive, energetic, patient, compassionate, and a humble liaison, guide, and student. She has worked with numerous clients inspiring them to incorporate holistic beauty and health into their daily lives. Madeline provides exceptional service through careful observation, excellent communication, and outstanding management and organizational skills. 

Amazed by how challenging it was for people to look after their skin with professional services and advice (especially those dealing with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and pregnancy), she was determined to come up with holistic treatments - to help others on their journey of self healing and skin maintenance. By adapting principles of corneotherapy and ayurveda, along with training from Christine Valmy, she has developed highly customized routines and treatments that nurture, soothe, protect, and rejuvenate skin. Madeline provides professional information, up-to-date research and her expert opinion - complemented by professional microdermabrasion, peels, micro current, and phototherapy.

Let her assist you in building your honest beauty regimen, containing natural extracts and active botanical ingredients, along with a skin analysis plan for long-term stabilization of the skin barrier, and to develop healthy boundaries for personal care with the values of simplicity, integrity, hospitality, consistency, community, vitality, and authenticity; reading your skin past, treating your skin present, and guiding you to a healthy skin future.



Debbie Arteaga, licensed in NY and NJ, has practiced clinical aesthetics since 2000. She has worked exclusively for New York dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 

Debbie is certified by the Vodder School in Basic and Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage. She is also PCA certified in Skin Biology and Chemical Peels, and holds several additional certifications in advanced training of facial chemical peels and exfoliation techniques. 

Debbie believes in keeping skin care simple and customizing treatments to meet the needs of each client.